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Services Provided

at the MHA

Services at Our Walk-In & Counseling Center

The Walk-In & Counseling Center is designed to meet the emerging and imminent mental health needs of individuals and families in our community while enhancing the quality of their lives.

The Center provides crisis intervention, psychotherapy services, and medication management services to children and adults. 
We also offer information, referrals, case management, self-help groups, psycho-educational groups, and group therapy.


The first visit to the Walk-In & Counseling Center is free of charge for many Indian River County residents. We have to charge a fee for our services to keep our facility open; however, fees are based on a sliding scale based on household income. Our hope is to minimize the impact your fee has on your situation.


The Walk-In Staff


The Clinical staff at the Walk-In & Counseling Center are licensed mental health professionals or supervised mental health professionals in training. These Clinicians are devoted to the treatment and well-being of all clients and continually strive for personal and professional excellence.


We understand you can't wait for an appointment if you are having immediate mental health needs and we don't expect you to have to. We are open Monday - Friday 8:30 am. until 5:00 pm. No appointment is necessary. Just walk in. We're here for you.


Wondering what to expect? Give us a call - 772.569.9788

Screening Services

A mental health screening, (at no cost for Indian River County residents and for a nominal fee for those out of county), to determine treatment needs and create a care plan for any needed follow-up.  The screener can give insight and information into issues and treatment options as well as suggestions to ease symptoms and improve functioning.  


Consultation (at no cost for Indian River County residents and for a nominal fee for those out of county) with loved ones or family members concerned about the mental health needs of someone else. (If you come to the Walk-In Center seeking a consultation about someone else and have no need for intervention or help yourself, please inform our receptionist prior to completion of any paperwork so we can serve you correctly).

Crisis Intervention

Urgent mental health care (at no cost for Indian River County residents and for a nominal fee for those out of county) to assist individuals in immediate need of services. These services focus on safety planning and prevention of harm to self or others. 


We can also offer referral information about other programs and services.

Services at Our Drop-In Centers

The Drop-In Centers are peer-operated, recovery oriented environments in the community that provide a safe, friendly, supportive and confidential place where people with similar experiences are not judged. Open 365 days of the year, the Centers are designed to empower consumers to change the quality of their lives. The members are respected and offer peer support to one another. Recreational and social activities are offered to all members to promote a supportive, active and empowering atmosphere as members actively participate in their recovery.

We have three drop-in centers available for you to attend. They are located in Vero Beach, Okeechobee, and Stuart.

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