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Thank You,

Community Partners

We are powered by the generosity of individuals and organizations that help the MHA fulfill its mission through grant funding. We could not do it without them!

Indian River County
Educational Foundation of America

The Educational Foundation of America was established in 1959 to preserve the lifelong altruistic commitment of its founders, Richard Prentice Ettinger and his wife, Elsie P. Ettinger.

Indian river county hospital district
Indian River County Hospital District

The Mission of the Indian River County Hospital District is to foster a collaborative community health care system, with the objective of improving the health of our community.The Hospital District is a source of funding for health and medical agencies in Indian River County, which provide medical services to qualified indigent residents.

Indian River County
Indian River County

Indian River County is a county located in the Treasure Coast region in the state of Florida, in the United States.

John's island foundation
John's Island Foundation

Our mission is to raise funds from the John’s Island Community for the purpose of making grants to fund capital requirements to agencies serving the economically disadvantaged in Indian River County. The Foundation seeks to make grants to agencies whose programs are primarily directed toward supporting basic human needs such as food, shelter, assistance with disabilities/health issues, safety from abuse and children’s education.

Quail Valley Charities
John's Island Community Service League

The John’s Island Community Service League (JICSL) is a non-profit, member driven organization primarily involved in raising funds for operating expenses of charitable agencies in Indian River County (IRC) concerned with the health, education, and human services issues that affect women, children and families in need.

Quail Valley Charities
Quail Valley Charities

Since its inception in 2001, Quail Valley Charities has dedicated their funding to selected non-profit organizations and programs in Indian River County, which focuses solely on children and their education.

The Robert F. & Eleonora W. McCabe Foundation
The Robert F. &
Eleonora W. McCabe
Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network LOGO.jpeg
Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network, Inc

South Florida Behavioral Health Network is committed to improving the lives of people with mental disorders and addiction problems.

Jim & Billie Ellis Foundation
& Karen Black
United Way
United Way

United Way goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in communities around the world. By bringing people and organizations together around innovative solutions, we impact millions of lives every year.

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