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The MHA is Prioritizing Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Two teachers from the Sebastian River Middle School, Sebastian Florida recently said that in last two years things have changed dramatically. “I sometimes can’t tell a boy from a girl and sometimes when I address a boy or girl he/she says his/her name is now a different boy or girl’s name.”

LGBTQ+ depression is a suicide threat. Its needs should be addressed in our community and in our schools.

In a conference with the Mental Health Association COO Angela Guzenski and CEO Dr. Nicholas Coppola, Sergio Mota, Vero Communiqué Board Member, and publisher Thomas Hardy, expressed their desire to help develop programs to assist the community at large and the School District with LGBTQ+ issues and safe spaces. Ms. Guzenski and Dr. Copploa both indicated LGBTQ issues in the school system were high on their agenda.

“I am so worried about student suicides,” said Dr. Coppola.

Here are statistics from READ MORE

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