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Self Care Tips

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Take the time to do things you enjoy. Self-care often involves seemingly mundane activities, but one's that you find relaxing, fun, or energizing. These simple activities could be reading a book, taking a nap or even just going for a walk. Sometimes, if we're lucky, self-care can mean doing something special for yourself like going on a vacation or purchasing something you've been saving up for. Big or small, self-care is about listening to your inner self and doing what makes you feel good.

Self-care means taking care of yourself. Eating regular meals, getting enough sleep, caring for personal hygiene, and anything else that maintains good health has long-lasting effects on your overall well-being. It's easy to let "life" get in the way of making yourself a priority but even small things like staying up just a little too late night after night could have drastic consequences after enough time.

Make it a priority. There will always be other things to do. Heck, sometimes it's just too easy to order take out or skip a night's walk. But don’t let the impulse to do the easiest thing derail your efforts of self-care. Self-care should be given the same importance as other responsibilities and should a top priority.

Set specific goals. It’s difficult to follow through with vague goals, such as “I will take more time for myself”. Instead, try something specific, such as “I will walk for 30 minutes every morning before work” or "I will go to bed at 10pm no matter what". Setting smaller, easy goals for self-care are attainable.

Make it a habit. Just like eating one salad doesn’t eliminate health problems, using self-care just once won’t have much effect on reducing stress. Choose activities that you can do often, and that you will stick with. BONUS: if you can stick with something for 30 days or so, it will become a grown habit you will simply do like brushing your teeth before bed.

Set boundaries. You don’t need a major obligation to say “no” to others—your self-care is reason enough. Remind yourself that your needs are as important as anyone else’s.

A few minutes of self-care is better than no self-care. Set an alarm reminding you to take regular breaks, (the Calm App or an Apple iWatch are great for this!) even if it’s just to get up from your desk and stretch. Often, stepping away will energize you to work more efficiently when you return.

Unhealthy activities don’t count as self-care. Substance use, over-eating, and other unhealthy behaviors might hide uncomfortable emotions temporarily, but they cause more problems in the long run.

Keep up with self-care, even when you’re feeling good. Doing so will keep you in a healthy routine. Plus, self-care might be part of the reason why you’re feeling good!

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