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Join us for a Virtual Concert & Open Discussion on Mental Health



hip-hop artist from right here on the Treasure Coast, Tyon ‘T-Lyon’ Davis and hosted by Vero's Own Nick Samuel! T-Lyon is a passionate, young Hip-Hop artist whose songs, including one shared with the MHA called “Power”, revolve around the topic of mental health. “It’s a powerful song with a powerful message”, explained Sheana Firth, Chief Brand Officer, “and it’s packaged within cleverly composed bars sung over a soulful melody that just sticks in your brain”.


A native of Ft. Pierce, Mr. Davis recently began meeting and collaborating with three-time Grammy award-winning artist, Wyclef Jean and has a large, devoted following of his own all around the nation. Even Pepsi® has T-Lyon on their radar, having selected him as a finalist for composing the music for their next commercial!


The lyrics to “Power” skillfully create a positive narrative about staying positive while dealing with overbearing struggles in life: “Know that everyday the devil test me/but, see I’m living stress free/can’t let your energy affect me/I battled suicide/I’m still alive/depression tried to come get me.” This approach to thinking about and opening talking about mental struggles fits hand-in-hand with the MHA’s mission. T-Lyon will be performing other songs and talking candidly about his personal inspirations and hardships. MHA Staff will also be in attendance to take part in an open discussion/Q&A tackling the topics the community wants to know most about. To enter your own question, click the link at the bottom of the page...yours might be selected to be answered live during the event!


Felt Studio Owner, James Ruby, who hosted T-Lyon’s first show, has also generously offered to help promote and facilitate the virtual event. James, Nick, T-lyon and the MHA jointly decided it was a no-brainier to tie the event in with our efforts to promote Mental Health Month. Mental Health Month is national movement to raise awareness about mental health. Each year we fight against the negative associations towards mental health, provide community support, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.

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