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Life with depression

Nearly seven percent of American adults suffered a major depressive episode in 2014. That means 15.7 million people were affected! To put this in perspective, that's enough people to fill every major league baseball and football stadium in the United States. So, if you have ever felt "like you are numb to the world" or "terribly lonely all the time", you're not alone.

What is depression?

Depression is a serious illness that envelops you into extended periods of feeling extremely low and disrupts your ability to enjoy life.

Depression has serious effects on

The Body: Headaches, changes in appetite that cause either weight gain or loss, feeling encumbered, tired and weak, and sleeping too much or not enough.

The Mind: Feeling inadequate, extremely sad, guilty, irritable, lonely, empty, unable to focus or stay motivated, and contemplating suicide.

Behavior: Withdrawal from social activities, decreased sexual desire, slowed speech, difficulty finishing tasks, or not keeping up with daily responsibilities.

If you relate to any of these feelings, it is a great idea to take a safe, confidential online survey that will help you learn more.

The Mental Health Association in Indian River County is here for you! You don't have to tackle depression on your own. We strongly encourage you to contact us if you are feeling depressed at 772 569 9788

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